Life Changes May Require Modifications To Existing Family Law Orders

Changes occur in life after divorce. A new job opportunity or remarriage may require a move. Changes in a child’s health may present additional costs, or changes in a parent’s health may make an existing parenting plan unworkable.

These type of life events require modifications to existing orders regarding child support, custody or other orders.

Some couples may feel verbal agreements regarding changes are sufficient. They are not. A verbal agreement may work until one party feels the new arrangement no longer works. Filing proper modification petitions with the court will ensure that a change cannot be reversed simply because one party decides it’s not working.

The experienced legal team at Manzi, Seccareccio & Merwin, P.C., can help you complete modifications properly.

What Can Be Modified?

To modify an existing order in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, it must be shown that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Only certain aspects of a divorce or separation agreement can be modified. These include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)

Note that it is not possible to modify a property division agreement regardless of changes in circumstances, which is why it is important to get things right when initially resolving the division of marital property.

Prompt Attention Is Critical

Sometimes, two parties may not agree that a modification is necessary. We help our clients pursue a modification to existing orders or defend against a petition to modify an existing order. If you receive a notice regarding a request to modify an order, it is important to respond in a timely fashion. Failure to do so may be interpreted as compliance with the request and it could be approved.

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