The Father-Child Relationship Is Irreplaceable. Let Us Help You Maintain Your Rights.

Parenthood is a difficult but rewarding endeavor, regardless of age, race, wealth. However, when a couple divorces, parenting becomes much more challenging.

In the past, mothers were given deference to child custody and visitation rights relating to children of the marriage. Today, times have changed. Courts today believe the child benefits when both parents are involved in the child’s life.

But, in our experience, fathers still feel the struggle and many in the midst of a divorce worry about losing the ability to see their children or make decisions about their child’s life as he or she grows.

At Manzi, Seccareccio & Merwin, P.C., we can help advocate for your rights as a father.

A Legal Team Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights As A Father

Together, our team of lawyers has more than 50 years of experience handling family law and other matters for individuals in Massachusetts.

Perhaps you are a father in a hostile relationship with your wife and worry she may spread falsehoods about you to the judge in order to keep your children away from your after the divorce.

Maybe you are worried about the inability to make decisions about where your child will attend school or other issues involving his or her upbringing.

Perhaps you are a deployed service member in the midst of a divorce and worried about seeing your kids when you return.

When it comes to family law matters, we’ve seen all types of scenarios. If you are a father and looking for an advocate in your corner during your divorce or other family law dispute, reach out to our attorneys to talk through your situation.

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