Filing For Fault-Based Divorce In Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, if your spouse’s misconduct is the cause for your divorce, you have the option to file a fault-based divorce.

There are several fault-based grounds for divorce in Massachusetts. They include adultery, abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and other circumstances. If you file for fault-based divorce, the court will use this evidence during alimony determinations, when dividing property and when determining custody.

Defending You In Fault-Based Divorce

Fault-based divorce is a complex filing. You are required to go before the court several times and provide evidence of fault before your divorce is finalized.

At Manzi, Seccareccio & Merwin, P.C., our lawyers can help you gather evidence, argue your case and obtain the justice you deserve.

Defense Against Accusations Of Fault

We also assist those whose spouses file for an at-fault divorce. You may have thought you and your spouse will work through an issue. Maybe your spouse even said they forgave you for a prior action. Perhaps the claims against you are baseless.

Regardless of the case, hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure your fair treatment in court. We can help.

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