When it comes to child support payments, an inability to stay current often creates many serious problems. From the perspective of a non-custodial parent, this often leads to serious consequences such as tax refund interception, anxiety and other problems (including the threat of arrest). Back child support also creates financial issues for custodial parents in many cases. It is important to realize that people fall behind on child support obligations for many reasons. Often, it has nothing to do with a parent being bitter, lazy or careless. Some face serious financial problems in their lives that interfere with their payments, such as job-related hardships. 

Whether a parent loses his or her job, has their work hours cut or suffers some other adversity involving their career and/or income, this often gets in the way of child support payments. For example, a parent who had no idea that they would lose their position is likely caught off-guard and many in this position struggle to pay bills afterward. Fortunately, there are options available to people who have found themselves in such a difficult position. For example, many are able to modify their child support order so they can stay caught up. 

Child support modification is ideal in a number of circumstances and when a non-custodial parent’s finances change considerably, this is an important topic to explore. Our law office knows that parents have a lot of uncertainty when it comes to child support matters, especially when a parent is unable to pay what they owe. Please explore our child support page to read more on this issue.