Sometimes thinking ahead to what could be is a good thing. You cannot always live just for the moment. The time will come when you highly regret doing that. In the case of marriage, planning ahead can be the best choice you ever make. Nobody wants to go into their marriage thinking it will end in a Massachusetts divorce court, but the reality is the odds are not in your favor if you want to stay married for life. So, it is only smart to prepare for divorce before you get married just in case it happens.  

Forbes explains that one of the best ways to start a marriage is with openness, honesty and a prenuptial agreement. This agreement can include a number of points that go beyond just finances. Although, finances are usually the heart of the prenuptial agreement. 

This agreement can help you to also get a great start on your marriage because you are upfront about both of your financial situations. It is an excellent time to be really honest about debt and investments. You also can safeguard your assets for children from a previous marriage if you need to through this process.  

The main goal of this agreement is to lay out guidelines for your divorce agreement. You will often include information about the allocation of assets, including any that you may obtain during the marriage. It may also include information about child support and alimony.  

You can really create a solid plan just in case you one day find yourself in a divorce. You will be grateful because it will help to make the divorce go more smoothly. If you stay together for the rest of your lives, then no harm done either. At least you entered the marriage with an understanding of how you each approach finances. This information is for education and is not legal advice.