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Helping Motorcyclists Recover

Injured motorcyclists may not have personal injury protection (PIP) to help them cover medical bills and other costs. However, they may have MedPay or other forms of insurance that can provide relief. At the law firm of Manzi, Seccareccio & Merwin, P.C., in Lowell, Massachusetts, our attorneys will help you address the insurance issues that arise after a motorcycle accident while building a case designed to get you fair compensation.

The Motorcycle Rider Is Not To Blame

Despite the fact that the vast majority of motorcycle riders are good people with families and jobs, there are still many misconceptions about them among the general public. In motorcycle accident cases, the insurance company may try to play on those misconceptions. The motorcycle rider may be blamed for the accident. The motorcycle rider may be accused of speeding or riding recklessly. We know how to fight back against finger pointing.

When we represent injured bikers, we know that investigation is going to be important. Our lawyers will thoroughly review the facts. If necessary, we will bring in accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to get a clear understanding of what happened to cause the accident. We will make certain we have all the information needed to make a strong case.

Often, motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire result in life-changing injuries such as head injuries and spine injuries. We take great care to pursue full compensation to cover all costs related to these injuries.

Helping Motorcycle Riders Recover Compensation

Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your case. You can reach our Lowell office at 978-703-8517 or our Woburn office at 781-304-8864 to schedule an appointment. You can also reach us via email. Same-day appointments are available. All motorcycle crash cases are handled on a contingency basis. We also offer free initial consultations.